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Formed in 2009 by Alec Carter (vocals/ guitars) + Vlado Crmoman (guitars, vocals), colleagues at Gymnázium Jura Hronca in Bratislava.
Line-up completed with Janko Litecký-Šveda jnr. on bass, Mišo David on drums and former student Jana Valachová on keyboards.
First public performance at the new Slovak National Theatre during the GJH 50th Anniversary celebrations, with one performance during
the day for older students of the school for which student Dmitry Kolmogorov stood in for Janko on bass and the “gala performance” in front of
an invited audience in the evening, which Janko was able to attend. During 2010 there was no opportunity to play live, just practice,
practice, practice. During this time Janka stopped playing with the band. 2011 at last presented chances to play live, a situation which
continues, and extra instruments were added. In May 2012, Janko decided that he had too many commitments to be able to continue
playing regularly with the band and left, to be replaced by Viktor Križan. Although the band takes its name from its basic format
(AKustická –ELEKtrická BluesBanda), during a period of 2 weeks at the beginning of the year, gigs were played with the “standard” line-up,
as an all-electric band and as an all-acoustic band.


Alec Carter - lead vocal, guitars, mandolin, harmonica

• born in London

• self-taught as a musician
  (guitar, mandolin, harmonica, bass, banjo and other instruments)

• started playing in folk clubs about 1970 solo and in a duo

• played in a college jug band while training as a teacher

• played in various cover bands after acquiring a mortgage

• also played in (mainly tuba) and conducted a village brass band  during the 70s and 80s

• played in a duo using programmed backings
  shortly before moving to Slovakia in 1994

• in Slovakia played solo at Hlava 22, as a duo with Viktor Križan at Hlava 22, Stoka, Pivnička

• played with Janko Litecký-Šveda Jnr. at Hlava 22, Stoka, KCK
  and in various informal line-ups – all the above venues in Bratislava.

• Founder member of Akelek BB in 2009.

• Currently also playing with the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Band and occasional solo gigs.


Vlado Crmoman - guitars

• born in Nitra

• began playing guitar at the age of ten, graduated from music school
  to play classical guitar

• during study at school formed first musical group, as the writer of music and lyrics
 (since then actively playing the electric guitar and singing)

• studies at the University in Nitra (Department of Music education - aesthetics)
  marked by appearances in several rock groups

• military service in the years 1998 -1999, as a member military rock band
  he performed in military music competitions

• since 2000, living as a music teacher and playing in Christian worship bands

• in 2001 moved to Bratislava and since then has worked at Gymnázium Jura Hronca

• founded Akelek BB in 2009 with Alec 




Michal David - drums

• born in Bratislava

• studied piano at the Music School for six years

• studied percussion at the State Conservatory in Bratislava from 2001

• graduated in 2007

• In 2008, he joined the National Theatre
  as a member of the orchestra playing percussion

• teacher in the Art School Eugene Suchoňa Dúbravka since 2008.

• has played in AKELEK BB since 2009






Viktor Križan - bass

• lives in Žilina and Bratislava

• self-taught (guitar, bass guitar, ukulele)

played in various bands from 1975 to 2003

• has played in AKELEK BB since 2012

• Currently also playing with Strempek Band