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WWW                                                                music & lyrics Alec Carter

Waiter, bring me water,
Waiter, bring me wine,
Waiter, bring me whisky;
Soon I値l be feeling fine.

Water for when I知 thirsty,
Wine for when I知 dry,
Whisky for when I知 hurting;
Waiter, be standing by

Bring me water in a glass and then wait till the glass is empty,
Bring me wine in the same and in a while please bring me more,
Bring me whisky in a bottle and don稚 stand around to judge me;
I知 the one who really knows the score


I致e Got the Blues                                        music & lyrics Alec Carter   2011

Feel so tired, but I can稚 sleep at night
Uninspired just can稚 seem to get it right
There痴 so much to be done
It痴 not even begun
I致e got the blues, yeah,
I致e got the blues

Got independence, but there痴 no woman痴 touch
That痴 a feeling that I miss so much
In the depths of the dark
When the night leaves its mark
I致e got the blues, yeah,
I致e got the blues

Shapes on the ceiling and shadows on walls
Whispers in pillows when memories call
If it happened to you,
What would you try to do?
I致e got the blues, yeah,
I致e got the blues.

Fire ships                                                      music & lyrics Alec Carter   9.2011 / text 2.2013

Log-built cabin, south of the border,
Ex-sailor man hides from prying eyes.
Killed in a stabbing, there was no law and order
Keeping free by subterfuge and lies.
Time passes by and this man becomes lonely,
Longs for some kind of company.
Out of the blue comes a fine looking woman,
Personal assets plain to see

There痴 a fire ship a-coming - danger below.
There痴 a fire ship a-coming, but no-one wants to know.

Door open wide as a sign of his greeting,
Stands in the porch-way with eyes wide.
Cannot believe this fortune he痴 meeting,
Cannot wait for what she can provide.
Takes of his fill, maximum pleasure,
Doesn稚 matter what it means at all.
Says she may come and go at her leisure,
Doesn稚 heed the quiet conscience call.

There痴 a fire ship a-coming . . .

Back on his own in solitary splendour.
Thinking over things that he has done.
Feelings are hurt and his manhood is tender,
Somehow connects with passing fun.
Soon comes to mind that she痴 left a reminder
Shared a little more than he had thought,
Leaving a burning trail far behind her,
Wiser heads starting to report

There痴 a fire ship a-coming . . .

In My Life                                                            
music & lyrics Alec Carter  finished 2014

In my life I致e known so many pretty girls
Try to remember all those captivating curves and curls
Their company now seems to be much too long gone
Can稚 help myself, the memories still linger on

In my life I致e had so many happy times
Sung silly songs and tried to write such crazy rhymes
One by one the audiences drift away
No more to give, no way to make them want to stay

In my life I致e travelled round both far and wide
Seen sights for show and others that they壇 rather hide
The desert sands, the rolling plains, the fertile shore
Towering heights, the cityscapes, the jungle floor

In my life I致e had success, I致e been the best
I致e been the star, then settled down with all the rest
Time will obscure me, fame forget that it once touched my brow
鄭 leading light, who used to be
That痴 how they will describe me now.

We致e got each other                                      
music & lyrics Alec Carter  1996, new text March 2014

Side by side, hand in hand,
We池e looking for the Promised Land
Cheek to cheek and heart to heart,
We池e making sure they play their part
Little knowing what痴 in store
That痴 what we致e got each other for

Never-ending, winding road,
What we carry ain稚 no load
Moving on, we know not where,
Never seem to have a care
Fate has opened up the door
That痴 what we致e got each other for

We致e got it made, we致e got it all
We致e got something that won稚 ever pall

Weather awful, weather fine,
Weather changing all the time
Doesn稚 matter what it does,
We don稚 give a damn because
What痴 outside we can ignore
That痴 what we致e got each other for

Who痴 that?                                                                       
music & lyrics Alec Carter 2.2013

Who痴 that creeping 祖ross the bedroom floor?
Tip-toe tapping on a twilight tour
Moonlight messenger to my desire
Set my passion burning, come and light my fire
Who痴 that creeping?
No-one痴 sleeping
Set my passion burning come and light my fire

Who痴 that lifting up the covers of my bed?
Sending tiny shivers through my body and my head
Body pale and shadowed in the darkness of the night
Lying close beside me making everything alright
Under cover
Night-time lover
Lying close beside me making everything alright

Unexpected visit in the middle of the night
My bleary eyes are blinking at such a welcome sight
Come and lie beside me, let us keep each other warm,
Forget about our troubles, find some shelter from the storm

Who痴 that lying closely by my side?
Pent-up passion cannot be defied
Showing all the pleasures of your natural charms
Welcome to the comfort of my loving arms
Lie-down leisure
Oh! What pleasure!
Welcome to the comfort of my loving arms

That Great Mistake of Mine                                          music & lyrics Alec Carter 2011

She痴 got the face of an angel and the heart of a whore
I really see no reason to be with her any more
Stole my soul and money too, then hung me out to dry
Used to think I loved her but I really don稚 know why.

Bolt the door and mute the phone, I致e heard she痴 on her way
Ain稚 no way I知 staying home for visitors today
My reason for unhappiness just wants to spend some time
The clock is ticking way too fast for that great mistake of mine

Seem to remember from the message on the phone
She found another game to play and wasn稚 coming home
Said she痴 very sorry but she said it with a smile
And maybe she will come to tell me why in just a while

Bolt the door and mute the phone, I致e heard she痴 on her way
Ain稚 no way I知 staying home for visitors today
My reason for unhappiness just wants to spend some time
The clock is ticking way too fast for that great mistake of mine

Sranda                                                                        music & lyrics Alec Carter

Kamar疸ka sa pta 鑛 p啼m to, 鑰 hr疥
Odpove je 疣o, niekoセko vlastnch m疥
Tak chcela vedie 鑛 podom當ky sa d
V sloven鑛ne neviem - gramatika je zl

To je sranda, obrovsk sranda
M疥 sa zmeni ako salamandra
To je sranda, obrovsk sranda
Pomohla by na啾 skvela banda

Nie som schopn hovori ako oni kde bvam
Veセmi to chcem robi ale zatiaセ len snvam
Cudzinec so sloven鑛nou verm musm by
Alkohol mi pom疉a, tak 鐶sto musm pi

Hovorm najviac v re鑛 materinskej
Dialekt je pre ma ako v oblasti 竟nskej
Ke chcete vedie, 鑛 m枡m rozpr疱a s Vami
Potrebujem syst駑 kde spievam s titulkami

Who knows?                                                                
music & lyrics Alec Carter 2011

Travelling along that same old dusty road he痴 travelled on so many times before
Carrying a load that he壇 rather leave behind - it ain稚 heavy, but not something to ignore
He痴 got a heart full of sorrow
A memory of pain
A mind full of oh-so-many things
He痴 got a letter in his pocket that he got the other day
He ain稚 telling who it痴 from or what it means
Says he痴 going on a journey, doesn稚 know if he値l return
Time will tell with all its ever-changing scenes

Who knows how we can ever get it right?
Who knows when we値l be sure?
Who knows where we値l begin to see the light?
Who knows what we池e looking for?

Way down the line he finds a reason to believe, to justify his woe-begotten ways
Vows to return and no longer to deceive, to rediscover all those 堵ood old days
He痴 got a heart full of happiness
He痴 done away with pain
His mind痴 still full of oh-so-many things
He痴 got a smile upon his face, and he痴 feeling pretty good
And it doesn稚 matter if his plan goes wrong
He痴 gonna show them all a miracle, a wonder of its time
A promise that he値l keep before too long

Who knows . . . .

Says he値l never tell of who he met or what he found, won稚 admit to anything he痴 done
Answers with a smile when you ask him where he痴 been, says his journey痴 only just begun
He痴 got a heart full of hopefulness
He never feels no pain
His mind痴 still full of oh-so-many things
Says he doesn稚 need to talk about it, time will make it clear
Something痴 coming that we won稚 believe
Says it痴 something that we致e been waiting for for such a long, long time
And we must all be ready to receive

Who knows . . .

Headin out               music & lyrics Alec Carter 2013

I知 headin for the wilderness, the town just ain稚 my style
I知 headin for the wilderness, relish every country mile
Gonna put some miles between all of the concrete and the trees
I知 gonna quit the rat-race that has brought me to my knees
Gettin out, I致e done my time, I致e got to get away
Can稚 find a single reason why I really ought to stay

I知 headin for obscurity, I致e had enough of fame
I知 headin for obscurity, where no-one knows my name
I致e had enough of this and that and doin what I should
Gonna break the vicious circle like I always thought I would
Mind made up, no more to say, I致e told you what I値l do
And as for your reaction, well, that痴 really up to you

I知 headin for the promised land, gonna find my Shangri-La
I知 headin for the promised land, and I知 sure it can稚 be far
Gonna take my time in gettin there, gonna take it in my stride
And all I need to see me through is just a little pride
I know that when I get there I値l know what it痴 all for
And stayin in a rut just doesn稚 suit me any more

Communication Blues              music & lyrics Alec Carter  2003

Got a problem with my telephone, 祖os every time I call
Damn thing keeps on ringin, don稚 get no reply at all.
There痴 a problem with my mobile when I try to SMS
I safely get to 杜essage sent the rest, well, you can guess.
We致e got wonders of technology in each and every town
So why, please tell me why, do all these people let me down?

My best friend痴 phone has broken down, my girlfriend痴 God-knows-where.
Doesn稚 matter who I call, I know they won稚 be there.
I could call 粗m in the morning, I could call 粗m late at night,
I could call 粗m every hour, and in fact, I think I might.
But it simply doesn稚 matter when I SMS or phone
舛os I don稚 expect an answer, I expect there痴 no-one home.

I could write a lot of letters, it痴 a friendly thing to do.
I値l stick the stamp and I値l write your name and I値l send it off to you.
Then I値l wait for Mr Postman when he comes along this way
And he値l look into his bag and tell me, 哲othing here today.
The only things I ever get, or so it seems to me
Are the monthly bills for phone calls and the banker痴 ABC.

So perhaps you値l understand me, why I think I致e got the blues,
Why I feel about as useful as a pair of left-foot shoes.
I致e got a lot to offer, but there痴 no-one wants to know.
If I give the chance to come with me, they just tell me where to go.
So forgive me for complaining, what I really want to say
Is that I致e got too many reasons why I don稚 feel good today.

Excess has to be denied             music & lyrics Alec Carter  29.1.2011 (#65 bus)

When you wake up in the morning with an aching in your head
And your hands won稚 stop from shaking and you池e feeling half past dead
You致e a problem here痴 what you致e gotta do
Excess has to be denied

When bottle bank deposits are more frequent than your pay
And your secret, silent craving must be met without delay
You致e got a problem . . .

Time to take it easy, boy, it痴 time to play it cool
Time to take a backward step, not to play the fool

When you致e had enough of coming home not knowing where you are
And everybody knows about you though you池e not a star
You致e got a problem . . .

Profligacy reconciled, prodigal returned
Situation normalised, apocalypse adjourned
Hey, no problem, here痴 what you had to do
Excess had to be denied


I don稚 want no more                                              music & lyrics Alec Carter

I don稚 wanna be with you no more;
I can稚 stand it so I知 showin you the door.
You took away my money and you took away my pride;
I知 tired of putting up with it, there痴 nothing to decide.
Looking after number one that痴 my priority,
Ain稚 lookin after no-one else, I知 lookin after me.

I don稚 wanna see your face again,
Not a glimpse, not even now and then.
I致e seen it often in the middle of the night;
It痴 a nightmare it gives me such a fright.
Ain稚 looking for another, I just need a little pause.
Don稚 need to gaze in no-one痴 eyes, especially not yours.

Don稚 wanna hear your voice, not even one more time;
If you wanna tell me something then get used to using mime.
I致e given up on listening 祖os I just don稚 wanna hear;
If you wanna live in silence then your time is coming near.
You told me once too often of opinions in your mind;
I don稚 wanna hear them, I知 seeking out another kind.

Workin on it                                                        music & lyrics Alec Carter

Monday morning, feeling bad -
Worst hangover that I ever had.
All this drinking痴 making me sad -
Gotta give it up

I知 workin on it
Yeah, I知 working on it
I知 workin on it

Tuesday, Wednesday, which is worse?
They keep on coming like a witch痴 curse.
All this thinking痴 giving me a big thirst.
Bring me water

Thursday痴 child they say has far to go,
I知 a Sunday痴 child so I just wouldn稚 know.
All this thinking well, it痴 starting to show.
Gotta give it up!

Friday night and I just got paid.
I知 feeling kinda lonely and I wanna get laid.
All this working gotta be delayed -
Hooray for the weekend!

Saturday, Sunday and I知 sleeping late,
Getting myself in a critical state.
All this leads to an awful fate
Who cares?

Too Late                                                                   music & lyrics Alec Carter

Too late to be sorry, too late to feel sad -
You致e lost the best friend that you ever had.
Too late to start crying, too late to get mad -
There値l be a time when you don稚 feel so bad

Time after time when you called yourself mine
You just wanted to be on your own.
Then time and again, when you needed a friend,
I was there.
Now the time has moved on and your lover has gone.
You値l get by on your own like you expect me to do